Cat Surrender

Almost every day, FCS is contacted about a cat that needs rehoming. Sometimes it’s because their human passed away, or a family move or a severe allergy. We want to help all of these animals and families in need. We don’t judge, we just want the best outcome for the people that reach out to us and the cats in need.

If you need to rehome your cat, please keep in mind that we are not always in a position to immediately find a foster or adopter. We also require that the cat being surrendered is examined by our vet and all necessary vaccines are updated prior to being rehomed. As of 2016, we microchip all cats in our care.

This veterinary care comes at a cost to us. We are a 501(c)(3) charity that operates on tax-deductible donations. We do not receive government funding. Our community supports the work that we do with every $10 donation that is made at Catfé Lounge and every piece of merchandise purchased. That’s why it is imperative that a donation accompany every surrender. The amount of the donation is negotiable and based on the condition of the cat surrendered and the means of the person surrendering.

For example, updating vaccinations, microchipping, and obtaining bloodwork can all cost between $25 and $150. As a boutique rescue, we cannot absorb this cost without compromising the cats that are already in our care.

If you are in need of surrendering a cat, please fill out the form below. This will help in determining how we can help you.