Our Forever Foster Program

Unfortunately, not all of the cats we take in at the Ferndale Cat Shelter are so easy to adopt. Some cats are surrendered to us at an older age, some have health problems, some are shy, and some cats don’t do well with other pets. Many animal rescues and shelters euthanize these cats, but as a no-kill cat shelter, the Ferndale Cat Shelter believes that every cat deserves a loving home, no matter its age, condition, or temperament. Most cats in our Forever Foster program typically have one of the following conditions.

  • They are older in age
  • They have health challenges
  • They have a virus such as Feline Leukemia
  • They are shy or grumpy
  • They do not get along with other pets

Every cat deserves a loving home.

Our Forever Foster program is designed to provide a loving home for all of the cats in our care that are difficult to adopt. The Ferndale Cat Shelter is always looking for caring, patient foster parents to provide these cats with the permanent home they deserve. In return, the Ferndale Cat Shelter provides the following items free of charge for Forever Foster homes:

  • Cat food
  • Cat litter
  • Veterinary care
  • Grooming
  • Care advice and guidance

If you’re interested in becoming a Forever Foster parent and providing a needy kitty with a comfortable home, please fill out a Foster Application Form below. If you’d like to support the Ferndale Cat Shelter’s mission to provide a home for all cats in our care, please consider donating to give a cat the care and permanent home it deserves.