Joyce has been fostering with us for over a year as a part of our Forever Foster program. She is 87 years young and full of life and love for kitties.

Joyce came to foster for us when she saw a picture of Miu on Petfinder. Miu is a misunderstood and sometimes cranky girl, but Joyce was not deterred. Miu has arthritis, which may account for her crankiness, and she gets joint supplements in her food every day. Originally, Joyce wanted to have a lap cat, but she was equally determined to make sure Miu didn’t have to ever look for another home again. Joyce is impossible not to love, and her devotion to Miu just makes her even more lovable.

Joyce and Miu

Miu has shown her loving side over time, and now she and Joyce have a routine. “We old ladies need to stick together,” Joyce says. Every evening, Joyce tells Miu it’s time for bed, and Miu follows her into the bedroom, climbs up her cat steps, and takes her spot at the bottom of the bed, where she has her own cat pillow and blanket. Joyce gently tells her “no biting” and Miu seems to understand to not nip at her.

Miu meowing

When Joyce isn’t fostering, she volunteers at her senior apartment complex delivering meals on wheels. She has six children and several grandchildren. When her kids were young, she had seven cats, in addition to many other animals. Her apartment is spotless and everywhere you look, there’s a cat clock, figurine, or picture. Her late husband got tired of all her cat magnets on the fridge, so he built her a frame she could keep them all in that now hangs in her kitchen. The apartment managers like to have prospective residents come see her apartment as a model. As soon as you walk in her apartment, you know any cat in her care is going to be loved 150%.

Joyce petting Miu

Joyce moved to Michigan to be closer to her family, but her heart is in New York. You can’t stop by to visit her without her slipping you a piece of chocolate from Miu. Chocolate and cats. Joyce has already told her family that if Miu outlives her, they have to adopt her. This is a love story every cat deserves. Thank you Joyce for all you do for Miu, and for all the brightness you bring to everyone around you. We love you!