Why is TNR so critical and why should you care and participate?

The Ferndale Cat Shelter is rolling out the trap-neuter-return (TNR) program. The TNR program will be available to residents and business in Ferndale. We are seeking donations! Our TNR program has two elements: the actual TNR of community cats, as well as building shelters for the cats.

Requested items:

  • Monetary donations
  • Cans of tuna
  • Rubbermaid (brand specific) storage bins, 30 gallons or larger
  • Paper bowls (used for food and water)
  • Straw (used for bedding)
  • Styrofoam for insulation
  • Mylar blankets
  • Scotch freezer tape

Donations can be dropped off at Pet-n-Paw in Ferndale.

The Ferndale Cat Shelter is a 501(c)3 so your donations should be tax deductible!