Official 501C3

It took months of patience for the designation, but FCS is finally listed as a charity (501C3) with the IRS.  Please consider making a tax deductible donation this year to help us build our much needed cat shelter…



This is Marvin, formerly Morris, found on Webster St. in 2014, an FIV+ kitty who now has a loving home. He also has a new buddy named Henry! We love happy endings!

2015 is the year we get down to some serious fundraising folks. We will soon be announcing our online campaign, complete with a Tom Hendrickson video introducing the Ferndale Cat Shelter cast of characters. In this short film we will attempt to convey why Ferndale needs a cat shelter, a real brick and mortar place for kitty-cats to run around and feel love, be warm in the cold winter and eat good food. Let’s face it, there’s a need! It’s a monumental task but Ferndale is a great community filled with compassionate people. I can’t think of a better town to launch our campaign.

From the kitten named Junebug that I found in the middle of 8 Mile Road to Roman the flame-point Siamese with the rotten teeth and benign tumor, it’s apparent we have a homeless cat population that needs assistance. Some cats need extra time and socialization. Some cats are FIV+ and take a little longer to find the right home. Some are emergency rescues from people giving kittens away free on Craigslist – yikes! – and they need a safe haven. That is our goal. To provide shelter and medical care to cats in need.

Consider becoming a recurring sponsor with a monthly donation. Maybe one cat’s story touches your heart on Facebook. You can sponsor that cat’s food and medical care even if you are unable to adopt or foster. If you have a local business, consider becoming a Platinum Partner. If you are grieving the loss of a kitty, consider donating to our memorial page in honor of that love. There are so many ways to contribute and every little bit helps. And now your donation is a tax deduction. It’s a win-win for all! – Deanne Iovan, Secretary, Ferndale Cat Shelter