Boris MaximusWe could not accomplish any of our goals without the generosity and kindness of our devoted fosters. In 2014 we received 68 applications from people wishing to open their hearts and homes to cats and kittens in need of care. With a brick & mortar shelter on the horizon, what role will these fosters play?

When an animal rescue begins, fosters are on the front line taking in homeless, neglected and needy critters. Fosters are ready to do whatever is
necessary to mitigate the pain and suffering, sharing the responsibility with each other. Once FCS becomes a physical space, a building where cats and kittens can take refuge, we hope our fosters will continue to administer care, at times in their own homes and also through volunteer work at the shelter, at fundraising and adoption events and through TNR programs. When we say “It takes a village” we mean that we could not have an impact in the community without the generosity of our foster network. Fosters are volunteers that truly know the meaning of love.