Donation Drop Off

When we posted a request on the Ferndale Forum Facebook page for a local donation drop off business to accept and temporarily store donations of food, litter and various cat ephemera, one local business man responded in just minutes!

MBrewDean Michael Bach, owner of M-Brew and Dino’s in Ferndale is one community-oriented guy. In 2014 he opened M-Brew in an old VFW hall on Vester Street that was falling to pieces. Dean could see the potential in the space but he also wanted to create a fun hang-out that would promote and support local Michigan businesses, like Detroit’s Atwater Brewery and Birmingham’s Griffin Claw Brewery. So, it seemed quite natural when he stepped up to offer MBrew as a drop-off for FCS donations. MBrew is currently supporting the Ferndale Eagles Marching Band too, donating a portion  of delivery fees to their music program. Ever involved in the Ferndale community, Dean hosts fundraisers all year-round and we are so grateful to have him on our team. Thanks Dean!